My review/discussion video is now up!

My review/discussion on The Ladies’ Paradise is officially up. So far it is the longest video I’ve made (23 minutes), and it took a lot longer than usual to film and edit. But it was worth it though, it was nice to have to much time to express my thoughts on the subject. I’m rather pleased with the result as well – it’s a bit of a rant, I’ll admit that – but I did find a lot of things that bothered me so I couldn’t stop myself.

Feel free to have a look! Remember to drop a like if you enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ™‚


New vlog on motivation & dialogue

I’ve finally uploaded another vlog! I’ve struggled quite a bit lately, both with my lack of motivation as well as (once I got my motivation back) writing dialogue. I couldn’t decide which one of them to talk about so the solution was simple; I included them both!

This whole vlogging and youtube business is a bit like fumbling about in darkness until you think you’ve found your way. Sometimes, you end up taking the wrong path and have to go back a few steps and try and new one. It’s both exciting and a little scary. I’m really enjoying my vlogs though, and I’m looking forward to getting better and better at recording them.

New camera!

It was time to decide on whether or not to take the whole Youtube thing seriously, and well, the decision was yes. I ordered and have just received my new camera, which will hopefully help me make videos of better quality. It’s not a super flashy camera, as that is not within my budget, but it’s probably still better than my smartphone, which has awful limitations when it comes to recording video.

So – I hope to start using it today and film another writing vlog! I’m just waiting for the battery to charge. Seriously, I’d completely forgotten about that. I had the strange idea that I would just be able to unpack it and start using it right away. Silly me.

Here it is, my brand new Canon Powershot SX730 HS


As far as camera stuff goes, I found this one rather pretty, and naturally Oskar made fun of me for thinking that was an important part in deciding which camera to buy.

Monday, lovely Monday

I am determined to get back on track this week. I’ve already made a light start by tackling chapter 11, and hopefully I will finish editing it either today or tomorrow. I’m slightly apprehensive though, because I know what’s waiting around the corner…

The mid-climax.

I had so much trouble here when writing the first draft, it’s the only chapter in the manuscript that still has placeholders – I simply couldn’t figure it out the first time around! That’s usually a clear sign that it needs a lot of work. Perhaps even a complete renovation. We’ll see when I get there though, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Apart from moving along with my chapters, I will also try my best to get another writing vlog out this week. I’m sad that I couldn’t manage to film last week, but I know that the end result would have been terrible, so there was no point in even trying. Goodness, that sounded really bad. What I mean is that it wouldn’t have been entertaining enough for a fruit fly, much less my small yet distinguished audience.

I suppose I should get back to it then, if I actually want to reach my goals. I wish everyone a happy and productive week!

Vlog is now up!

My first writing vlog is officially up! If you are in any way interested in discussing writing, writing first drafts and editing chapters, feel free to give it a watch and let me know if you agree, or if you have different views and experiences. (And yes, it’s rather embarrassing that I just now figured out that I could just paste the link in the blog post.)

First time filming without a script

I just filmed my vlog about chapters! It’s a real mess, truthfully, but I hope to be able to make sense of it during editing. This was my very first video without a formal script – I had basically just made a list of points that I wanted to talk about, so that was an interesting experience. Not really sure if I like it though, we’ll see what the end result is before I pass my sentence on it!


My more casual filming setup! I thought, since I’m filming myself just talking about my experience and views, I would need a more casual setup. So here it is.

I’ve always admired Youtubers who can just sit down with a camera in front of them and talk cohesively for like an hour, with minimal cutting. It might just be me being inexperienced, but I find it really difficult to talk without a script. Not when I’m with my friends, obviously, but when I’m alone with a camera my mind just goes blank for some reason. It’s probably just some kind of performance anxiety that goes away with time.

The video will be posted tomorrow, as Thursdays are my usual upload days. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you all have a lovely day!

It’s Friday!

(I literally had to double-check that since I always mix up the days, and should that have been the case then the sparkling wine and dessert waiting in the fridge would certainly have a pretty anti-climactic evening.)

I finished chapter 8 today on my second draft, which was a huge accomplishment since it was a complete mess before. I basically had to rewrite the whole thing. It was also full of new and important information so some of it had to be moved to the next chapter. I have talked about that sort of thing before, where you have to think of a chapter layout that works for you and your story and try to stick to it – and sometimes that means merging or splitting up chapters.

I’ve decided that this will be the first subject of my writing vlog next week! It feels really great to plan videos in advance. I’ve actually planned my next four or five videos now. I haven’t really managed that so far – I’ve sort of just decided a couple of days before filming, which was kind of stressful in some cases (let’s not go back into the abyss that was my video editing problems). It’s really quite odd since I’m so good at planning stuff beforehand in all other aspects of my life – but when it comes to Youtube I’m not very structured at all. Time to change that!

Anyway. Here I am blogging at 6p.m. on a Friday wearing a fancy dress and an apron. I should probably get back to making dinner now.

Have a happy weekend!

Thinking about writing vlogs

I’ve been thinking about my Youtube channel and the fact that I haven’t really decided on a particular theme for it apart from writing, history, and fantasy. I’ve kind of just been “winging it” for the last two months. So far, I’ve mostly made videos regarding history and fantasy, such as my worldbuilding series. The subject of writing itself has sort of been left aside.

I don’t really want to jump on the train that so many other authortubers are on with their writing advice videos. How to write this or that, how to tackle this or that, you can learn it all within the span of 10 minutes per video.

I’m not saying that I disapprove – I’ve learned tons by watching videos like that. I’m just saying that I want to do something different. So! I’ve come to the conclusion that – for my writing related videos – I want to do writing vlogs. I’m thinking a kind of summary of the writing problems that I’ve encountered and solved (or not solved) in the past month or so. It would just be me and my moderately charming self, talking in casual terms in the hopes of reaching out to other writers that have struggled with similar things with their manuscripts.

I want to try it out, at least. Not this week though, as I have actually decided to not put up a video this week. I managed to get a raging cold as I came home from my vacation and have therefore not been able to plan something properly. Not to mention, my voice gives up if I talk for more than a couple of minutes (anyone who knows me would probably make some joke here about me talking too much).

So that’s the plan. Until then, I hope to get some more writing done since I haven’t worked on it now for a few days. Time to get productive!

New video on historical non-fiction

Indeed, it’s Thursday, meaning there’s a new video up from me. This week’s topic is historical non-fiction, and one of my favourite books in this genre: Girl in a Green Gown, the History and Mystery of the Arnolfini portrait. You can watch it by clicking here!

Trust me, this video was a real pain to get out. I know – I said I wouldn’t complain anymore about video editing difficulties, but today really takes the cake. This video is edited with three (!) different kinds of software. If it’s looking a little bit wonky, now you know why. I even had a weird situation where one of the photos in the video literally started floating around on its own, which, I’ll admit, was quite amusing.

New worldbuilding video: How to make your map

This video took me a little longer than usual – I normally upload on Thursdays. But hey, at least I did it! Yesterday was really terrible on the motivation and overall will-to-live front, but today is a little bit better. It’s Friday after all, so that means I can drink prosecco tonight without feeling guilty.


This week’s video is dedicated to the fine practice of mapping in worldbuilding. You can follow this link to watch it.