How writers can benefit from historical non-fiction

I’ve managed to make a video this week! I’m pretty happy with it, too, which isn’t necessarily a given when producing stuff all on your own. 😀 (we all suffer for our art don’t we) This week, we’re talking about historical non-fiction. Having already done a video on this topic before, I was kind of discouraged by the low amount of views. But, since then, I have received so much encouragement to continue on this route, especially since it’s not as common of a subject on Booktube or Authortube. So here’s hoping that there are more people out there who, like me, love this genre and find it very useful when researching for our own writing.

Feel free to give it a watch, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!


New video on historical non-fiction

Indeed, it’s Thursday, meaning there’s a new video up from me. This week’s topic is historical non-fiction, and one of my favourite books in this genre: Girl in a Green Gown, the History and Mystery of the Arnolfini portrait. You can watch it by clicking here!

Trust me, this video was a real pain to get out. I know – I said I wouldn’t complain anymore about video editing difficulties, but today really takes the cake. This video is edited with three (!) different kinds of software. If it’s looking a little bit wonky, now you know why. I even had a weird situation where one of the photos in the video literally started floating around on its own, which, I’ll admit, was quite amusing.