About the author

Arnella is a cautious dreamer from Malmö, Sweden. Wielding a degree in History she’s set on pursuing her dream of becoming an author. Her writing genre is young adult fantasy, with a pinch of historical fiction (because she just can’t help herself). Along the way she’s realised that marketing is probably a good idea, hence this blog. She’s also started her own Youtube channel where she talks (a lot) about writing and history.

Arnella is 29 years old, yet she carries the manners of a granny. Her daily companion is her Pomeranian Niles von Fluffenstein, who spends his days snoozing in their blue couch whilst Arnella is working on her manuscript. Apart from this, her favourite past time activities include drawing, a bit of gaming, annoying Niles with too much love, as well as cooking for her handsome boyfriend.