My Plan for the Week

I had a pretty good writing weekend – despite my nose having decided to make things difficult for me by ignoring the fact that I’m supposed to be recovered from my cold. I hate it when that happens. You get sick, you recover, you go about your life as usual, and BAM – it turns on you with an evil smirk on its face saying “did you really think it was going to be that easy?” and starts laughing this stereotypical villain-laugh. Or, you know, something less dramatic. It’s annoying, that’s what I’m trying to say.

But, life goes on, it’s Monday and that means a new week. Life won’t stop just because I have a cold, so I’m trying to make a little plan for what I want to accomplish this week.

WRITING GOAL: Finish editing chapter 9 of my WIP, and start chapter 10. (I’m keeping expectations low here, thereby making it easier to surpass it and subsequently making myself super proud. The creative process usually benefits from a little self-manipulation.)

YOUTUBE GOAL: Make a vlog about writing and editing chapters for Youtube, hopefully to be uploaded on Thursday.

OTHER: Start drawing my second map for my WIP, this time a world map including other countries. This would be in preparation for next weeks’ video.

I think this should be enough. I haven’t included other stuff like updating my blog or my Instagram, as those are obviously included somewhere in between the larger tasks. I feel quite pleased. Time to get started!

Let’s end this blog entry with a photo from my trip to Edinburgh.


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