Thinking about writing vlogs

I’ve been thinking about my Youtube channel and the fact that I haven’t really decided on a particular theme for it apart from writing, history, and fantasy. I’ve kind of just been “winging it” for the last two months. So far, I’ve mostly made videos regarding history and fantasy, such as my worldbuilding series. The subject of writing itself has sort of been left aside.

I don’t really want to jump on the train that so many other authortubers are on with their writing advice videos. How to write this or that, how to tackle this or that, you can learn it all within the span of 10 minutes per video.

I’m not saying that I disapprove – I’ve learned tons by watching videos like that. I’m just saying that I want to do something different. So! I’ve come to the conclusion that – for my writing related videos – I want to do writing vlogs. I’m thinking a kind of summary of the writing problems that I’ve encountered and solved (or not solved) in the past month or so. It would just be me and my moderately charming self, talking in casual terms in the hopes of reaching out to other writers that have struggled with similar things with their manuscripts.

I want to try it out, at least. Not this week though, as I have actually decided to not put up a video this week. I managed to get a raging cold as I came home from my vacation and have therefore not been able to plan something properly. Not to mention, my voice gives up if I talk for more than a couple of minutes (anyone who knows me would probably make some joke here about me talking too much).

So that’s the plan. Until then, I hope to get some more writing done since I haven’t worked on it now for a few days. Time to get productive!


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