Mushrooms & Doodles

I have to confess something. I have a fascination with mushrooms (not the hallucinogenic kind). If I’m walking in the woods and I see a mushroom, I simply have to stop and admire it before moving on. Bonus points if they’re oddly shaped or colourful.

I have no idea why I’m like that, though. I suppose it’s got something to do with their association with magic and fairytales, as well as their overall prettiness. And don’t even get me started on mushroom rings.

… I got sidetracked.

Last winter, Oskar and I were at a shopping centre and my eyes fell upon a beautiful ceramic mushroom figure in a home decor shop. It had the not-so-gentle price tag of about 30 euros, which I was fully prepared to give until he talked me out of it and we left the shop. I have regretted it ever since.

So yesterday, I went out to buy my brother a birthday card (we share the same birthday btw, but aren’t twins), and I came across a smaller version of the mushroom figures in another shop – and significantly cheaper. With no one around to stop me this time, I bought two of them and felt a surge of inspiration as I left the shops. Once back home, I started doodling around a bit and ended up with this drawing.


I’m quite pleased with it (can you see the little mushrooms?), especially since I’m still new at the whole water colouring thing that seems to be all the rage right now. Drawing and sketching was a great interest of mine growing up, but I worked mainly with charcoal pencils and very rarely used any colouring techniques at all. But I’m excited to start using them now!

Does anyone else share my fascination with mushrooms? I’m genuinely curious. Do let me know, will you?


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