The farm and the castle

It’s been a pretty busy weekend. My boyfriend and I went to visit his uncle who has a farm at Österlen (a region in the south coast of Sweden). It’s wonderful to get away from the city from time to time, but it has been a bit too much of that recently. I feel no shame at all in saying that I’m ready to get a bit too comfortable in my couch in the upcoming weeks.

On our way there, we decided to go and visit Svaneholm Slott, a renaissance castle situated by a beautiful lake. It’s also a museum, so naturally I had to go and see it.


Svaneholm Castle

I was thoroughly impressed, to say the least. Often times, countryside castles have very limited exhibitions, sometimes only by guided tour as well, so it was a pleasant surprise to find such a big exhibition. Fun fact; as you can see on the photo above, the architectural style is different on the left and right side of the building. That’s because the left side dates back to the 1500s, while the right side is an addition from around 1700.


Me by the lake

I don’t know about you, but I simply love creepy castle ghost stories. When adding a bit of mystery to the history, it becomes all the more engaging. I was therefore delighted to find a spooky chamber (very spooky indeed) in the basement. I was far too creeped out to enter it, so I sent Oskar inside to snap some photos of the ghost stories that were featured while I stood rooted at the entrance, staring at a veiled mannequin in the corner.

Svaneholm is said to be haunted by many mysterious, ghostly figures. Over the centuries, reports have been made of a white lady with dark curls, a man in dark clothing with a cape, even a lady in a black veil that has been mistaken for a real person. I have of course checked every one of my 84 photos from that day, and all of them are ghost free. I’m not sure whether I’m relieved or disappointed by this. While I relish in the eerieness of things like this, it still takes multiple glasses of wine before I enter any haunted house at a carnival. It’s a complicated relationship.

Overall, it was a very pleasant weekend, but I’m also glad to be home and to stay home for at least a few weeks now, which makes it a lot easier to stay on top of my editing, Youtube, blogging, drawing etc., so I’m looking forward to that.


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