When an indoorsy writer-person sets sail. On the sea. For five days.

Sure, I like the occasional walk or picnic just like the next person (I’m human, after all) and I might even enjoy a short hike if the conditions are ideal. But generally speaking, I prefer the indoors, cuddling up with my dog, fav blanket and laptop on my couch. With snacks.

Now that I’ve said this, one could easily understand how different this was for me, going for a sailing trip for 5 days, harbour to harbour, living and sleeping on the boat. It wasn’t my first time sailing, far from it, but it was the first time on this scale. Now before you get any ideas, it wasn’t nearly as disastrous as it could have been, but it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park either (obviously). We had 4 trips in total, 2 of which made me both cry and scream, and not in a comical sort of way where you can just laugh it off.

The ocean can be a really scary place, especially when it sends big waves your way just to see you suffer. As the boat was rocking wildly from side to side, each wave splashing onto the deck, all rationality abandoned me as I hid my head between my knees and screamed. It’s interesting how, when fear takes over, you can’t seem to think or evaluate the situation anymore. You act on instinct rather than conscious thought.

It did eventually get better though, as we moved closer to our destination that day. That was also when we saw 2 porpoise(s?) jumping through the water about 4-5 metres from our boat. It was incredibly surreal to find oneself so close to these wild creatures, without thick glass between us, and not as part of a tourist excursion. I know there are people to whom this would be a regular occurrence and whatnot, but like I said, I’m an indoorsy person. I will cherish that moment as something special.


View from our boat at the harbour of Borstahusen, Sweden.

Being completely honest, though, I did really enjoy this trip for the most part. We had an excellent time swimming (once we were docked, of course), walking through the villages looking at the picturesque little houses, as well as enjoying freshly caught seafood.


 Our pomeranian Niles, enjoying a nap below decks. Oddly enough, he handled the sailing much better than I did.

This post turned out far longer than I’d expected, especially since I’m tired beyond belief (we came home today) and my living room feels like it’s rocking from side to side. That’s a really strange side-effect, I have to admit. Kind of like being drunk, but with a clear head. I’m hoping it goes away soon, as I’m planning on filming my next Youtube video in the upcoming days.

I think that’s all for me for now.

Good night


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