Doodles & Travel preparations

The last couple of days have been rather pleasant. I’ve gotten some work done on my manuscript – I’m currently editing chapter 3 (second draft). I always get anxious when I haven’t looked at it for a few days in a row, and thanks to the tragedy that was my video editing adventure, I fell behind quite a lot on that. So it feels great to be back on track again.

On a different note, I also got to try out my new pigment liner pens. Every since I got Skillshare, I’ve been wanting to develop my water colouring as well as drawing skill, preferably together. I used to be really good at drawing, but it is definitely a skill you need to maintain in order to keep sharp. I have been playing around with the idea of making some concept art for my manuscript using water colours, but I will need to practice a bit before I feel ready to dive into that.



My doodles!

I’ve also been doing some preparations for our upcoming sailing trip! Indeed, we will be going out early tomorrow morning, aiming to be away for about 5 days. We’ve never been away longer than 24hrs on that boat before, so it was kind of tricky to do the meal planning – especially since we don’t have a fridge. But I think I got it covered with lots of whole grain biscuits, fruits and bread with marmelade for breakfast. We do have a small cooker, so we can heat up canned soups or boil water for noodles for lunch as long as we’re docked in a port (would be pretty dangerous to cook while out at sea). Thankfully, we plan on eating out for dinner. And beer, we’ve also bought a lot of beer, so now we know we’re all set.

I’m not sure whether I’ll be updating my blog while we’re away. I did get the WordPress app, so I know I should be able to, but technology is not exactly my forté. I’m also not sure how my internet connection will be once we get to our main destination – the island of Ven between Sweden and Denmark. But I’m looking forward to it, it’s going to be a lot of fun with plenty of quality time with Oskar and our dog Niles, with fresh, sea air as well as some island hiking.


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