Morning task planning

I’m drinking my morning Earl Grey, meaning my brain hasn’t completely woken up yet, but I still felt like blogging for a bit. So, today should be a productive day (I know, the horror — just kidding I love getting things done).

  • I will finish up the script for my next Youtube video
  • … and hopefully there will be time to film it as well
  • have to wash my hair first though because it looks like a birds nest
  • afterwards I have to head to the grocery store because I have a huge tapas craving that needs to be satisfied
  • might want to get some alcohol too while I’m at it – it is Monday after all
  • … and then I must do some other stuff like walking the dog, cleaning etc., and then my dad will stop by to pick up some moving boxes (we have 38 of them that we can’t wait to get rid of)

If I manage to get through this list today, I’m fully justified deserve to get tipsy on prosecco.

Anyway, today is also the day when my boyfriend comes back from a week long sailing trip, and what better way to welcome him home than by a nice tapas dinner, and a clean girlfriend? Not that I’ve been relishing in my own filth during his absence, but there has been some laziness in the shaving department.

It is now a little past 10am, and I just finished my tea. I can’t think of any reason not to, so I suppose now would be a good time to start.


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