Went and bought myself an old brass candelabra

You know when you get that unexplainable urge to go antique shopping? That happens to me far too often than I care to admit. I’ve bought quite a lot of junk over the years… but sometimes, it’s almost like it’s meant to be. Like when you find the perfect brass candelabra after several years of searching, and it’s cheap. The satisfaction is too good for words.

A similar thing happened when I lived in Luxembourg. I went to the town square one Saturday afternoon, where a bunch of old people usually sell some old stuff like books, porcelaine etc., and I found a set of six crystal champagne glasses – hand made – and the price tag said 25 euros. I had been looking for this particular style for a long time, the flat one that looks a bit like a bowl and can be seen in many period movies. I asked the old lady whether it was 25 for all of them, but my bad accent must have given the impression I was trying to bargain with her – as she immediately offered them to me for 20. Little did she know, I would have paid 200.

Unfortunately, only four remain today, and each loss was a grievous affair. Let’s not get into details.

All in all, I highly recommend visiting thrift shops, antique stores and markets, as you never know what sort of treasures you might find. Mixing new with old things in your home gives it a more unique feeling, I think. Gateways to the past are all around us in the form of buildings, stories and tradition, but something as small as a brass candelabra can be of equal significance – if you let it shine anew.


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