The surreal power of writing

Lots of people have created their own story at some point in their lives, either in school, or in private, or with friends etc. Storytelling is a huge part of society, and has been for as long as societies have existed. Imagine then how surprised I was that my latest revelation was completely unknown to me earlier.

As I have recently discovered, there is a strange feeling that comes with creating your own story. It takes a while of good, hard work to make the world come alive, but once you’ve reached that point, something almost magical happens. The characters that you’ve created seem like real people. The events that are taking place have a clear representation in your head – kind of like a memory.

Knowing that I created something like that is an incredibly powerful sensation. Like you’re playing God, in a way. I really had no idea about this at all before I experienced it myself.

That is where the surrealism comes in. Because these people aren’t real, and none of those events have actually happened. It’s all in your head (and manuscript). Pure, logical sense would say “but how can something so alive not be real?”. It’s a valid question. It’s all about perspective, really. In the minds of future readers and myself – the creator – it is real. It’s in our minds that it comes alive.


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