Thoughts on inspiration

I want to talk about inspiration. You know, that wonderful, cuddly feeling in your stomach telling you that your idea is amazing, and you can’t stop working on your project for the whole duration your inspirational streak? Yeah, that one.

It came to me when I started writing this book. I was in a trance like state for days, couldn’t stop even if I wanted to (but why would I want to?). Then it stopped… and life went back to normal. My thoughts went back to meal planning, laundry appointments and that thing that had to be bought to make the drill work better.

When this happens, you tend to stop or pause your project, and many never pick it up again. When this happens, your artistic discipline is being tested. I have failed many times, but this time I am determined to make it through. I will finish this book.

So I’ve developed this little “routine”. I thought about what makes me inspired, and came up with a few things. I like to walk in nature alone, for example. I also like looking at art, and listen to classical music. Yeh I’m a bit old fashioned. And whenever I feel like I’m losing inspiration, I try to do one of these things to get it going again. To kind of take control of it. Does it always work? Hell no. Sometimes I can’t even get myself to do it. But you know, those few times that it actually succeeded are days when I ended up writing a lot, when I otherwise would have done other stuff. That’s half a victory right there.


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