The pesky thing about outlines

I find myself to be a structured person. In fact, I rather enjoy making lists of everyday things, in order to have a better overview of my tasks. Therefore, making an outline seemed like the best approach for writing my book. I have heard that some writers don’t use this strategy. Stephen King, I believe, doesn’t like to plan in advance what’s going to happen. Although, I do think that the general rule of thumb for aspiring writers is to make an outline very early on.

So I did that…

…and now I’m somewhat torn. I like the story I have planned. I have a main plot and two sub plots, plenty of characters but not too many that are explained in detail. And yet, I find new things to add or change in my outline on an almost daily basis. This makes things rather difficult, because can you really say that you work with an outline strategy if the outline itself isn’t constant? I couldn’t possibly be the only one who does this.

I’m now at chapter 7 in my book, and since I keep changing and adding things, I’m starting to feel like I’m less structured somehow. Oh well, the ramblings just before bedtime. Been less of a productive day today. In typical writer’s fashion I went on and had a little too much wine yesterday, but it was an awfully pleasant evening nonetheless, so I can’t really complain.



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