So, today I made a blog

I haven’t blogged in years. I used to have a blog about daily life a long time ago (I believe it was in 2009ish). It was my own, personal little space on the internet where I would dump all my crazy thoughts, complaints and opinions for those who felt inclined to listen, or in this case, read. It was all in good fun, up until a point where I realised there were actually people checking it on a daily basis. That terrified me. The pressure to deliver enjoyable content every single day was overwhelming, and so I gave it up after a while. Bear in mind, this was before Youtube getting as big as it is now. I can’t even imagine the pressure youtubers today feel about their content.

Anyway, back to my blog. A while ago I decided to finally write the book I had already planned in my head. It suddenly became so easy, almost like it was meant to be. Many times had I tried creating an outline and start writing, and many times did I fail after only a couple of chapters. Something was off, it didn’t feel right. So I stopped. And then I started, only to stop again.

This time was different. I had just recently moved, and found that my new place was full of inspiration and creativity. Suddenly, that outline practically wrote itself. And now, about six weeks later, I am six chapters into my book. If it’s ever going to happen, it’s going to happen now. So, here I am, blogging at 10pm and eating Lidl chocolate, making grand plans for the future. I guess some things haven’t changed since 2009.


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